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Behavioural Change Training Programmes

Communications | Relationship Building| Habits & Mindsets

Zoah's Behavioural Change Training Programmes are an immersive experience designed to help you identify and reshape unproductive behaviours, both in your professional and personal realms.

Our programmes are structured to accommodate both individuals, within our global online cohort with a maximum of 15 leaders, and organisations seeking customised solutions to align with their unique needs and objectives.

Join Zoah's Behavioural Change Training Programmes, where emerging and senior leaders are equipped with the tools to navigate these challenges effectively and drive transformative outcomes for your organisation.

Business People Having Fun

Mastering Advanced Leadership Skills

Ideal for individuals with 3 years+ of leadership experience, this programme hones emotional intelligence, communication, coaching, negotiation, time management, and stress management skills essential for leading high-performing teams.

Co-working space
Business Discussion

Building Essential Leadership Skills

This programme provides fundamental knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to establish a robust leadership foundation and excel in leadership roles, perfect for those at the early stages of their leadership journey or recently transitioning into leadership positions.

Mindful Self-Exploration: Nurturing Foundational Awareness

Whether you're aspiring to advance your career, enhance your leadership abilities, or commence a personal growth journey, this programme equips you with the tools, insights, and techniques to realise your aspirations and thrive in various aspects of life.

Remote Working
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