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My World of Bags (MWOB)

International Fashion Retailer


MWOB Case Study

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Empowering My World Of Bags (MWOB) Leaders with Zoah Consultancy's Group Coaching Training

Client Profile: My World Of Bags (MWOB) is a globally recognised fashion brand known for its innovative designs and quality craftsmanship. Seeking to enhance teamwork and leadership skills within their organisation, they approached Zoah Consultancy for a tailored training session on group coaching.

Challenge: Enhancing Teamwork and Leadership Skills 

Client Objective: MWOB aimed to develop an effective internal development tool to elevate teamwork and leadership skills among their leadership team in a fast-paced and demanding environment. 

Zoah's Approach:
Leveraging our expertise in group coaching, Zoah meticulously designed a training session tailored to MWOB's unique needs and organisational culture. Integrating our proficiency with a profound understanding of the fashion industry and the company's ethos, Zoah ensured an exceptionally relevant and engaging learning experience.


Implementation and Customization:
The full-day training session seamlessly blended theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, encouraging active participation and enhancing the learning process. The session covered the following:


Registration and Welcome

  • Registration and sign-in

  • Welcome address and introductions

  • Overview of the day's agenda and objectives


Session 1 - Introduction to Group Coaching for Leaders

  • Understanding the concept of group coaching

  • Differentiating between individual coaching and group coaching

  • Benefits and advantages of group coaching for leaders

  • Case studies and success stories


Session 2 - Essential Principles of Group Coaching

  • Establishing clear goals and objectives for group coaching

  • Creating a supportive and inclusive group coaching environment

  • Effective group dynamics and team building

  • Communication and active listening in group coaching


Session 3 - Group Coaching Techniques and Tools

  • Structuring a group coaching session

  • Techniques for engaging and involving participants

  • Tools and resources for effective group coaching

  • Role of the coach/leader in a group coaching setting


Session 4 - Group Coaching Skills and Strategies

  • Facilitating meaningful discussions and interactions

  • Handling challenges and conflicts within the group

  • Adapting coaching styles for different personalities within the group

  • Providing constructive feedback and encouragement


Session 5 - Developing Action Plans and Next Steps

  • Encouraging participants to reflect on what they've learned

  • Setting personal goals for implementing group coaching in their leadership roles

  • Planning the next steps and follow-up actions

  • Evaluation and feedback on the workshop


Workshop Conclusion and Certificates

  • Recap of key takeaways from the day

  • Thanking participants and speakers

  • Distribution of certificates of participation

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Immediate Impact and Results:
The training made a significant impression on MWOB's leaders, enhancing their understanding of effective coaching techniques. Participants expressed newfound enthusiasm and confidence in applying their acquired knowledge to daily interactions and team dynamics. This immediately improved collaboration and overall performance.

       Employee Engagement

  • Achieved a 10% increase in overall employee engagement scores based on pre-and post-program surveys.

  • Realised a 20% increase in leadership effectiveness ratings through 360-degree feedback assessments, indicating enhanced skills in decision-making, communication, and conflict resolution.

Client Testimonial:
MWOB expressed immense gratitude to Zoah Consultancy for the significant impact on their leadership development initiatives. The training session has undoubtedly strengthened their teams and positioned them for future success. They highly recommended Zoah Consultancy's services to any organisation seeking impactful and tailored training solutions.


“Toluwa's exceptional professionalism, adaptability, and genuine passion for empowering leaders were notable throughout the engagement. She fostered a safe and supportive environment that encouraged open dialogue and sharing of experiences among participants, further enriching the training experience.”

Zoah Consultancy's collaboration with MWOB exemplifies its ability to customise training solutions that meet specific organisational needs. The successful implementation of the group coaching training not only met client objectives but also empowered MWOB's leaders to excel in their roles and foster a collaborative and growth-oriented work environment.


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